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The Marlee Dana in "Summer Mellon"

The Marlee Dana in "Summer Mellon"


The "Marlee" Style Dana is our most popular style for its convient over the collar style that allows the bandana to stay secure till removed. The bandana is sewn with the top section allowing easy inserting of the collar.

(Example in the 3rd photo)

The Bandana comes in 5 Sizes


XS (Chihuahua, Yorki, 

Small (Maltipoo, Puppies, Pugs)

Medium (Mini Golden Doodle, Labs)

Large (Golden Retriver, German Shepard) 

XL Dogs over 90LBS (Big Pups!)


This style allows for seamless sizing and and comfortable wear! 


It can be customized with Pom-Poms, Name and Other Add-Ons 

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