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About Us

Dollydanas is a local Fort Worth small business creating handmade, wearable, functional bandanas for your pets. We select bold bright prints that are sure to stand out, with customization options

Our Story

In April of 2020 amidst the craze of quarantine, I decided it was time for a puppy. With all the free time due to the stay at home orders I found myself with extra time and decided to make bandanas for my new puppy Dolly. Thanks to the homemade mask craze it was almost impossible to find cute fabrics, shelves were empty and websites were delayed. 


With a couple yards of a few colors I got to sewing. These bandanas were cute and I posted them on facebook, took a few orders and was overwhelmed with a response and realized my method of taking orders was not working.  With my mock-up designs I borrowed a few neighbors dogs as models and launched a website.  


That day, May 11th 2020 was live. Orders started rolling in and continued throughout the summer. With my mom by my side we spend our nights and weekends sewing and shipping. Since then we have grown and because of our amazing customers we can continue to create beautiful designs for our furry friends.

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